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I am more than happy to offer this endorsement for Kanya’s wonderful care for my Son for his Adenoids treatment. We believe and are passionate about 100% natural health and well being, and believe that it’s so valuable for people to take responsibility for their health, and to try a natural approach when possible.

My Son was snoring while sleeping when he was just 2 years. We consulted few doctors and gave medicine which did not help. We were suggested to get him operated to remove his Adenoids. We heard about Kanya and learnt about her homeopathic remedies.

She was very caring and very patient in treating our Son for almost 6 months after which we saw a huge improvement. If you are looking for a Homeopath whose knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the whole person, and takes the time to be caring, then Kanya is someone you should consider visiting.

Sudhir G
Tampa, FL

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