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We found Kanya in early 2015 when we were researching ways to help heal autism. We went to see her so she could help us with our seven-year-old son that was diagnosed with autism. She started detoxifying my son for different things including different vaccines, antibiotics he had received. We started to see a difference in Wayne. 

Over the past one-and-a-half to two years here are some of the differences that we have seen. First his speech has improved and it’s much easier to understand him. Second his sensitivity to loud noises is almost completely gone he no longer covers his ears at the slightest noise. He is also less stubborn than he used to be he sleep so much more peacefully than he used to sleep. He has also grown socially he loves playing with other children at this point in time it would be very hard to look at Wayne with a group of other children and know that he had autism. I am so excited that Wayne started going to the public school now and the transition was not hard at all. 

Kanya gave us the remedies to use and told us how to use them she told us what supplements to give Wayne and we just did it at home we are very pleased with the results we are getting and I would recommend it to anyone that had a child with autism. We are very thankful to Kanya for her help.

Not only for my son, everyone in the family including my nephew had used homeopathy and gotten good results. From pain to grief we’ve gotten results! Thank you!

Dawn M
Hart, MI

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