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In 2013, after reading about CEASE Therapy for autism, I did an internet search for a local CEASE practitioner and found Kanya Rudrangi. I contacted her and she responded right away. We then began corresponding and I completed the necessary paperwork detailing my son’s medical history. My son Josh was 28 years old at the time and I was curious as to whether or not CEASE could help him.

We began initially with traditional homeopathy and then moved on to CEASE therapy. Since beginning the therapy, we have seen the following improvements:

  1. Improvements in transitioning from one activity to another. It is much easier for Josh’s aides to take him into new situations without triggering outbursts.
  2. Improvements in health … Josh is sleeping better, has gained weight and his blood work is much better (liver enzymes have gone into the normal range).
  3. Language has greatly improved! When he began with CEASE, he had only a few words here and there. Now, he is speaking in short sentences and adding new words each week.
  4. Josh is really seeking out social connections/situations. He has favorite activities, places, and people to see and hang out with and enjoy!

I would highly recommend Kanya and would also encourage clients to be patient and take the necessary time to let the therapy work!

Celia A
Grand Rapids, MI

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