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As a student of Homeopathy, I was thrilled when I discovered that we had a classically trained and certified Homeopath living in our own town!  We had been looking for a family Homeopath, so I immediately scheduled our first appointment.

I was so pleased to watch how Kanya did the intake and her care in prescribing the correct first remedy.  She is readily available to answer any questions that might come up during the period of taking the remedy to your next follow-up appointment. Because chronic conditions can sometimes take time to cure, we are not at the conclusion of our treatment, but I can say we are seeing changes in health for the better.

When we return for a follow-up, Kanya takes the same time and diligence as the initial appointment to make sure she understands exactly what is going on and how the symptoms have or have not changed. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their well-being!

Amy N
E Grand Rapids, MI

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