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I highly recommend Kanya because she does detailed analysis on each patients and she approaches her diagnosis from a holistic view. She doesn’t see one issue she sees ALL issues like Asthma, Wheezing, Urinary tract infection, Body pains, Psychological issues, etc.

Through her I learnt that you can treat basically any ailments via homeopathic treatment. I have taken treatments for Wheezing since May 2012 and it has worked like a charm. I don’t have to take Albuteral inhaler since June’2012.

She even gave Homeopathic care for my parents when they got into accident due to which they didn’t have to take 600mg of Motrin and some other strong medications they were given to stop any body aches and internal micro-clots.

She does over the phone and skype consultations. But main thing is to have patience while on homeopathic medication as they do take about 3-4 months to see huge effect. For me it was quicker than I had expected.

She is a great Homeopath and more importantly a great listener. Unlike others she really puts her time and knowledge into deeper understanding of the person as a whole and then proceeds the healing process. Try her service.

Canton, MI

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