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Dear Kanya,

We really appreciated that you were willing to work and meet over skype and e-mail. We have felt supported throughout the process, and you always respond to questions and concerns promptly. 

We ordered the HP program because we didn’t feel comfortable giving our son regular vaccines, but we were still very concerned with keeping him safe and healthy. He experienced reactions after getting shots at 2 and 4 months old, so at that point we decided we would wait for awhile before giving him any more. I experienced a lot of anxiety about what was the right thing to do for him, even though I felt more and more confident in my decision not to vaccinate. After reading about the successful trials of the HP program and others like it, we decided we had nothing to lose trying it out. 

Our experience with HP has been great. Giving the remedies is easy; our son loves taking them. When we all got the flu last year, he was back on his feet in only 2-3 days, while my partner and I were sick for almost a week. We are so happy to have found a way to educate his immune system without having to worry about severe reactions.

Thanks for giving us this program! 🙂 

Laura K
Portage, MI

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