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Dear Kanya I wanted to write and let you, and any others, know that Andrew, my son (3 yrs old) is doing much better. I brought him to you last summer with severe eczema all over his lower legs and feet and he was so uncomfortable and itchy. Now, several months later, we have very minimal to no eczema. He never complains of his skin itching. When I brought him in for his medical check up and showed the MD his skin, he said it now looks better than 90% of his patients.

You were so kind and caring during his visits and asked a lot of questions both to me and Andrew to find the correct remedy for him and his healing. Andrew loves coming to see you and you have helped us a lot without having to use any harsh drugs or medicine. He also rarely got sick over the winter and I think that was due to us seeing you as well. Thank you for all of your help!

Laura A
Ada, MI.

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