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Our 9 year daughter always had difficulty focusing on her tasks. She has been diagnosed with ADHD for five years. Along with ADHD she is dyslexic, has had lot of sensory issues with clothing, separation anxiety and, of course, difficulty focusing has been major issues for her and us. We are so happy we found a homeopath Kanya Rudrangi and started homeopathic treatment for our daughter.

After the first dose of medicine we saw wonderful improvement in her ability to focus – doing homework is a breeze now! She is sleeping better. I also notice changes in her attitude toward clothing and sensory issues we struggled for years. Life is so much easier after we started treatment!

We are so grateful we found Kanya and the treatment she has prescribed for our daughter. Kanya Rudrangi is very caring and attentive professional. I am sure it is this homeopathic treatment and K. Rudrangi’s professional knowledge that finally gives my daughter and all our family confidence about her abilities and bright future.

I. Larsen
South Haven, MI

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