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I have been cared for by Kanya Rudrangi for the past six months. I have nothing but praise for her excellent homeopathic care. She is extremely compassionate, patient, and trustworthy person. She has very keen observational and assessment skills.  As she has applied her knowledge of homeopathy to me, and my two girls we have had only positive results.  Most of the results have been what I would call miraculous.

I first brought my youngest child to see Kanya for food allergies, chronic gut problems, Post vaccine damage and eczema that five other doctors; pediatrician, dermatologists, and naturopaths where unable to cure. My child also had terrible fears.  She has suffered three years with these problems.  Kanya over five months helped her fear and anxiety, cleared most of the eczema and I am hopeful for a complete remission of it, and my daughter even eats small amounts of her most allergic foods without any reactions. Her gut problems are all but gone.

My oldest child was brought to Kanya suffering with PCOS for the past five years. She had terrible abdominal pain from ovulation to her period every month.  She took ibuprophen two to three weeks out of each month on a daily basis. Reluctant to use birth control pills to treat a teenage, MY DAUGHTER decided to see Kanya for help.  Plain and simple, within one month of starting a constitutional remedy her pain was gone.  She has been pain free for five cycles and she says she feels “more confident” in her life now.

Kanya has treated us all acutely for colds, earaches, and flu all successfully and in most cases the acute remedies worked very quickly. We even plan to use homeopathy treatment for flu prophylactically instead of using the flu vaccine.

I have suffered from anxiety and severe depression for twenty years. What Kanya has done for me has given my life back. In four months of constitutional remedy I no longer cry everyday. My children and spouse attest to the huge difference homeopathy has played in my day to day coping with anxiety.  I no longer have panic and obsessional type thinking. I no longer have the dark dark thoughts that come with depression. I feel hopeful for my future. I am more confident. I feel light. All of the healing came gradually over the months I’ve taken the remedies without medication side effects, without losing sense of who I am. I am now just more of me.

I am so thankful to have met Kanya and so glad I decided to follow the homeopathic path. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone from infancy to old age.


Katy M
RN – Grand Rapids, MI

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