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When my son Jake was 8 months old he became sick. He lacked energy, was very clingy, had a runny nose and his temperature was up. I contacted Kanya because she helped myself and other family members in the past. She listened to all of Jake’s symptoms and asked many other questions to thoroughly understand his condition. Later that night, she indicated a remedy to use on him.

Over the course of the next few days his symptoms and remedies changed. All along the way Kanya was there to answer all of my questions and concerns. With-in a few short days Jake was back to being his normal self. He recovered quickly and aside from a few sniffles here and there, he has not been sick since. I was very pleased with how he responded to the homeopathic treatments. I was also pleased with how Kanya followed up to see how he was doing, even weeks later, instead of just recommending him something and sending him on his way. I will certainly use homeopathy for any future treatments.

Lynn R
Portage, MI.

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